WordPress Portfolio Template

Project Description

My online portfolio serves two purposes:
1/ A showcase of my work as a designer, researcher, and teacher. My starting page shows selected projects which can be changed in the WordPress backend. This way, I can easily adapt my portfolio to different purposes.
2/ My portfolio also acts as an archive for all my projects. They can be accessed through the archive. This allows me to have all my work accessible at one place in case I need to access any of it.


Having written the WordPress template from scratch in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript, I also had the chance to learn more about web development and I had the ability to truly make it my own:

1/ The site is responsive. This might not sound like a big deal but I did that from scratch because I wanted to know how it works.
2/ There is a 404 page with Douglas Adams quotes. Because Douglas Adams is the best.
3/ The highlight color of the site depends on the current season and local time in Vancouver, BC.
4/ The underlines beneath links are breathing.
5/ Visitors accessing the site with the Internet Explorer receive a message to kindly use a different browser, as the site is not optimized for it.
6/ My publications are pulled in from my Zotero library.
7/ The site is hosted by GreenGeeks, who are committed to green and sustainable website hosting.
8/ You can get the WordPress template from my GitHub.
9/ During the coding process, I found neat code editor in Atom.
10/ There is a personalized greeting above the menu. Depending on your current time it either says ‘Good morning’, ‘Hey’, ‘Good afternoon’, ‘Good evening’, or ‘Still awake?’.