Programmiersprachen 2

Project Description

During the course ‘Programmiersprachen II’ (programming languages 2) at the University of Design we were introduced to the programming language AS3 (Action Script 3). Because the course was coupled with ‘Color Theory’ – another course held during the same term – we had to develop a little program that explores color. My project group decided to explore a color phenomenon in which color is effected by its background color.
The setup of the program consists of two rectangles and two sets of grids. Rectangle 1 is above one grid and beneath the other while it is the other way round for rectangle 2. The GUI allows you to change the size of the rectangles, the resolution of both grids as well as to change the color of all three elements. Looking at the rectangle with a low resolution grid, the colors are the same. However, the higher the resolution of the grid, the more the color of the grid influences the perceived color of the rectangles – quickly resulting in the assumption that the rectangles have a different color.


Project Partners

Olga Grischtschenko

Jan Schlegel



Kay Märthesheimer

Prof. Ralf Dringenberg




pii_02_16160036959_o pii_03_16158620088_o pii_04_16158847720_o pii_05_16160334817_o pii_06_16320270436_o pii_07_16158847620_o pii_08_16346211015_o