Project Description

Gravity is an interactive light installation by Rolf Derrer, Mateja Vehovar and Stefan Jauslin. It is situated in an underpass in Aarau, Switzerland, and was developed during the remodeling of the central train station and its surrounding public spaces. MESO Digital Interiors was responsible for the technical realization and together with Philipp Steinweber I created various interactive animations and implemented the system on site. Gravity plays back a great variety of animations that all play with physical principles, illustrate laws of time, energy and gravity. The system – consisting of 21 low-res LED panels and 10 retina sensors – interacts with passers-by but also reacts to weather, time and the current season. Realized with vvvv – naturally.




Installation von Roöf Derrer, Mateja Vehovar & Stefan Jauslin

CIMG3715 CIMG3698