Project Description

This project was developed during my time as an intern at MESO Digital Interiors. For the longterm exhibition “Erlebniswelt” in the DVAG Congress Centre in Marburg, MESO developed several interactive installation revolving around the themes of asset and financial planning, the insurance market, and the corporate history of DVAG and its founder. I helped two develop two of the 8 installations: Product and Success.

Success is a room-integrated relief map of Germany made out of acrylic dowel. Each dowel is connected to an individually controlled LED, lighting up when a DVAG branch was opened in the area. While the simulation is running you can access additional information on an external display.

Products is a table with a number of integrated small wheels. By turning the wheel visitors can inform themselves about the long range of DVAG products. Light effects like particle swarms and radial glows around the wheels arouse visitors curiosity when the table is not used.

All installations were realized purely with vvvv.




2011_DVAG_Erlebniswelt_1stX30 2011_DVAG_Erlebniswelt_3rdX

2011_DVAG_Erlebniswelt_1stX16 2011_DVAG_Erlebniswelt_Overview_1