BA Thesis

Project Description

The BA thesis “Prototyping Interfaces” is a platform to learn how to use the visual programming language vvvv to build interactive sketches of physical interfaces. The picture below show the final book as well as some pictures that give you an insight into the development process. The book is now available for purchase and more information about the project can be found here and on http://prototypinginterfaces.com/.


Project Partners
Jan Barth, Roman Stefan Grasy, Mark Lukas



Ralf Dringenberg, Hartmut Bohnacker




04_WS1112_IG7_KG7_Prototyping_Interfaces 05_WS1112_IG7_KG7_Prototyping_Interfaces 06_WS1112_IG7_KG7_Prototyping_Interfaces 07_WS1112_IG7_KG7_Prototyping_Interfaces 10_WS1112_IG7_KG7_Prototyping_Interfaces 08_WS1112_IG7_KG7_Prototyping_Interfaces IMG_1499 Bildschirmfoto 2012-01-05 um 10.19.46 IMG_0299 IMG_0803 Untitled_Panorama2