Application Design

Project Description

This project is a redesign of the Linotype Font Explorer back from 2013. Goal of this student project was to analyze an existing piece of software and re-design its ease of use and visual style. The project was conducted during the 3rd semester at the University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd and was the first experience in terms of GUI design.


The two pictures at the end show the Linotype Font Explorer from 2013 and an early exercise in the course where we had to design Skype with an old Apple style guide.


Click on the pictures to see them in actual resolution.



Prof. Hans Krämer


Project Partners

Philipp Seyschab

Daniel Hoell




linotype_useCase_05 linotype_useCase_06 linotype_useCase_07 linotype_useCase_08 linotype_useCase_09