SWAPP (ongoing)

Project Description

SWAPP (Sleep/Wake Behavior Web-App) is an application to facilitate recognition, characterization and monitoring of sleep problems and daytime sequela in children and youth with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Two students are hired through Emily Carr’s Health Design Lab and are working together with Dr. Osman Ipsiroglu and his team to design the app. The goal of the project is to gain an understanding of the parents needs who will use the app to log and share information about their child’s sleep/wake behaviors with their healthcare team. This will allow clinicians to make better decisions and initiate further investigations.


More information and pictures coming soon.


Project Lead

Caylee Raber

Markus Lorenz Schilling




The app allows parents to log qualitative data about their child’s sleep/wake behavior, which allows clinicians to make better decisions and to initiate further investigation.