Improving the understanding of sleep disorders in children.

SWAPP (Sleep/Wake Behavior Web-App) is an application to facilitate recognition, characterization, and monitoring of sleep problems and daytime sequela in children and youth with neurodevelopmental conditions. The goal of the project is to provide a tool to help parents log and share qualitative data about their child’s behavior to share with their healthcare team. This will allow clinicians to make informed decisions and initiate further investigations.

At the current stage, the project consists of a mobile application for parents to log and share data. In the next stage, the project will be extended with a desktop application for clinicians to process and review the data. The ultimate goal of the project is to have a validated and commercially available app for participatory data collection on poorly understood challenging-disruptive sleep/wake behaviors and medication effects. This would enable home-based monitoring of therapeutic interventions, support optimization of medication dosages and monitor adverse drug reactions; thus, individualize therapies, increase efficiency and reduce health care expenses.

SWAPP is a collaborative project between the Sleep/Wake Behavior Clinic and Research Lab at BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Emily Carr University’s Health Design Lab, and SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology and is funded by the Kids Health Network.




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